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Consumer Law Program

Anxious_Old_Man-LR.jpgLegal services regarding "consumer" matters most often involve some kind of a dispute between a debtor (i.e. someone who owes money) and a creditor (i.e. the person or entity to whom the money is owed) regarding the amount of money, if any, that is owed. Typically, it is a "consumer" issue because it concerns goods or services purchased primarily for personal, family or household purposes. Your home mortgage is an example of a debtor-creditor relationship in which you are the debtor and your bank is the creditor.

The same debtor-creditor relationship arises when you buy a car and finance the purchase. The purchase of your home (or the refinance of your home loan) and the purchase of your car are both consumer matters.

LSEM's Consumer Law Program handles cases involving foreclosures, predatory lending practices, deceptive or fraudulent practices regarding the sale of automobiles and other goods and services, breach of warranty, breach of contract, wrongful repossession, illegal collection tactics, credit card defense and the false reporting of information on credit reports.

LSEM's Consumer Law Program can help you if:

  • You are being sued by a loan company or other creditor for unpaid bill;
  • You have problems with a payday loan company or a title loan company;
  • Your car has been repossessed;
  • You are having problems getting your title for your automobile;
  • You are having problems with unfair practices in the sale of your car;
  • Your home is being foreclosed upon;
  • You are being harassed by a collection agency; or
  • You have been a victim of home improvement fraud or a mortgage scam.


  • Dan Claggett, Managing Attorney
  • Rob Swearingen, Staff Attorney
  • Susan Spann, Paralegal
  • Karen Shelley, Office Manager

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