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For The Common Good Awards Reception

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Thank you for joining us in 2016!

For The Common Good Honorees, 2016

Robert Walston Chubb Award: John G. Simon

Melton M. Lewis Equal Justice Award: Lt. Juan Mario Francis Gomez

Rory Ellinger Legislative Award: Missouri State Representative Robert Cornejo, Missouri Senator Bob Dixon, Missouri State Representative Jon Don McGaugh

Media Award: St. Louis Public Radio's "We Live Here" with Tim Lloyd & Kameel Stanley

Eddie Mae Binion Community Service Award: Heidi B. Miller, MD

Ashley Award: Deaconess Foundation

Edna M. Taylor Client Service Award: Verneice Walley

Richard B. Teitelman Distinguished Service Award: Independence Center

Gerald R. Ortbals Outstanding Law Practice Award: Ponder-Bates Law Firm LLC, Stinson Leonard Street LLP

John R. Essner Young Lawyer of the Year Award: Callie J. Tucker

F. Wm. McCalpin Pro Bono Award: Richard Constance, Christopher Hayes, Philip J. York

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