Top Bar — Vietnamese

    • Thông dịch viên đã cung cấp.
    • Tất cả các thông tin liên lạc được bảo mật.
    • Dịch vụ là miễn phí.

Top Bar — Farsi

    • مترجمان ارائه شده است
    • همه ارتباطات محرمانه هستند.
    • خدمات رایگان هستند.

Top Bar — Arabic

    • المترجمون المقدمة.
    • جميع الاتصالات سرية.
    • الخدمات مجانية.

Top Bar — Bosnian

    • Prevodioci su obezbjedjeni.
    • Razgovori se drze u tajnosti.
    • Sve nase usluge su besplatne.

Top Bar — Spanish

    • Intérpretes disponible.
    • Todas las comunicaciones son confidenciales.
    • Los servicios son gratuitos.
  • Interpreters provided.
  • All communications are confidential.
  • Services are Free.
Immigration Law Program

Immigration Law Program

Helping New Americans in Missouri is important. “Immigrants contribute to the economy in direct relation to their share of the population. The economy of metro areas grows in tandem with the immigrant share of the labor force.”* We can help you: apply for your...
Housing Law Program

Housing Law Program

We assist families and individuals facing eviction, loss of housing assistance, poor living conditions, discrimination, and other housing issues. We can help you if: You are being evicted from your home Your lease is being terminated Your landlord is not making...
Parental Justice Program

Parental Justice Program

We help parents whose families are in crisis because their children may be placed in foster care. If a child already is in foster care, we try to reunite families as quickly as possible. We help: People with a case in St. Louis County Family Court Meet eligibility...
Youth and Family Advocacy Program

Youth and Family Advocacy Program

The Youth and Family Advocacy Program assists youth and families experiencing homelessness and housing instability by providing supportive case management and civil legal assistance.   We can help with: Getting legal documents such as birth certificates, State ID...
Hannibal Office

Hannibal Office

The Hannibal Office provides a full range of services to qualified low-income residents of northeast Missouri. Services Include: Consumer law Collection/consumer fraud Unfair debt collection Housing Landlord-tenant issues Beneficiary deeds  Benefits...
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Legal Services of Eastern Missoui: Action.Justice.Hope.

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