Top Bar — Vietnamese

    • Thông dịch viên đã cung cấp.
    • Tất cả các thông tin liên lạc được bảo mật.
    • Dịch vụ là miễn phí.

Top Bar — Farsi

    • مترجمان ارائه شده است
    • همه ارتباطات محرمانه هستند.
    • خدمات رایگان هستند.

Top Bar — Arabic

    • المترجمون المقدمة.
    • جميع الاتصالات سرية.
    • الخدمات مجانية.

Top Bar — Bosnian

    • Prevodioci su obezbjedjeni.
    • Razgovori se drze u tajnosti.
    • Sve nase usluge su besplatne.

Top Bar — Spanish

    • Intérpretes disponible.
    • Todas las comunicaciones son confidenciales.
    • Los servicios son gratuitos.
  • Interpreters provided.
  • All communications are confidential.
  • Services are Free.

Know Your Rights
as Students & Parents…
Anywhere, Anytime.

The EdRights App from the Education Justice Program puts answers to your education rights questions at your fingertips.

EdRights App


The EdRights App is actually a website that behaves like an app. It can be installed on most phones and tablets. And, since it’s a website, it can accessed from laptops and desktops as well.

Easily Shared

The EdRights App can be accessed by the url There’s no need to download anything from an app store. Share the link with friends and family to spread the word about your rights.


When you add the EdRights App to your phone or tablet Home screen, a version of the app is stored on your device. Even without an internet connection, you’ll have valuable information available.

Installing the EdRights App on your phone or tablet…

1. Open a browser on your device

Here’s a list of device-compatible browsers



2. Go to the EdRights App

Point your browser to


3. Add EdRights App to Home screen

When prompted, tap “Add EdRights to Home screen”

EdRights App on Home screen

If you are not prompted to add the EdRights App to your Home screen click here for detailed instructions.

4. Allow notifications

When prompted, approve and allow push notifications.

Allow push notifications

If you are not asked to allow push notifications click here for more information.

Manually adding the EdRights App to your Home screen

You may not have been prompted by your device to save the EdRights App to your Home screen. As long as you’re using an Android device OR an iOS device using the Safari browser, you can do so manually.

Flip through the examples below for assistance.


Android – Chrome

Android – Edge

Android – Firefox

Manually allowing push notifications

While you may not have been prompted by your phone or tablet to allow push notifications, you can turn them on manually. Simply tap the bell icon in the lower right corner of the screen. (To unsubscribe, tap the icon again and choose Unsubscribe.)

If you’re unfamiliar, subscribing to push notifications will allow us to send messages to you about updates to your education rights, additional functionality to the app, etc.

NOTE: Apple does not (yet) allow Push Notifications to be sent on Apple phones coming from websites.

Push Notifications

If you have a specific legal question that is not answered by the app, you can call the Education Justice Program Hotline at (314) 256-8789 or email us at

The EdRights App is made possible through the generosity of the Deaconess Foundation, a grant making organization building power for child well-being in the St. Louis area through philanthropy, advocacy, and organizing for racial equity and public policy change. The Education Justice Program is grateful for the Deaconess Foundation’s continuing support and partnership in targeting the root causes of education inequity in Missouri.

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