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The Neighborhood Advocacy program serves St. Louis area residents and community-based organizations to prevent and reduce vacancy and property abandonment.

Learn more about the work of Neighborhood Advocacy with this short video.

Services provided:

Problem Property Litigation:

Represents qualifying neighborhood organizations in lawsuits against absentee owners of vacant, blighted properties, to force the sale, transfer, or improvement of property.

Family Property: 
Assists low-income clients with fractured land title problems (heirs’ property) that contribute to property abandonment. Free legal assistance available to low-income and senior homeowners for beneficiary (transfer on death) deeds and simple estate planning.

Title Clearance:
Assists nonprofits with clearing land titles for affordable housing development.

Community Education & Technical Assistance:
Available for community education and technical assistance on topics related to community revitalization, land titles, tax foreclosure, and property abandonment.

In 2023, Neighborhood Advocacy, formerly know as the Neighborhood Vacancy Initiative, celebrated five years of providing community support and neighborhood revitalization.
Check out their work over the past five years in this special publication.

Click on the image to open and download your pdf copy now.

For more information about Neighborhood Advocacy, contact:



Peter Hoffman, Managing Attorney

Jim Bax, Attorney
Anna Carlsson, Attorney – Skadden Fellow
Robin Harvey, Attorney
Brittany Hubbard, Attorney
Molly LePage, Office Manager
Demetria Parks, Paralegal
Rachel Waterman, Attorney

To find your local neighborhood organization, visit:

If you are a law firm interested in partnering with an urban neighborhood to reduce blighted and abandoned property, please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Neighborhood Advocacy is a proud member of the St. Louis Vacancy Collaborative. For more information and to see a map of vacant properties, visit

Neighborhood Advocacy  is also a proud partner of the St. Louis Real Estate Tax Relief Coalition. For more information or to make a contribution, visit

Partial funding for Neighborhood Advocacy’s Family Property Project
is provided by Wells Fargo.
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