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Re: My tenancy at

Due to the recent Missouri COVID-19 crisis, I will be unable to pay my rent in a timely manner. I am giving you this advanced notice in writing as a courtesy. Before you consider litigation against me, you should know that Missouri courts have largely suspended many court activities including eviction cases.

The Missouri Supreme Court has issued an order suspending many types of in-person proceedings. That order also gives local circuit courts and individual judges discretion to determine how and whether non-suspended activities may be conducted, if they occur at all. (This order is viewable online at

In turn, local Circuit Courts have issued orders suspending certain proceedings, or greatly changing how day-to-day business will be conducted. Depending on the jurisdiction, these local orders may include suspension of issuance of summons or other process, suspending the issuing of writs of execution (including eviction), and even suspending the Sheriff’s power to serve or otherwise assist with certain writs, including eviction.

Furthermore, the recently-passed federal law, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the ‘‘CARES Act’’), also places a moratorium on many evictions. The act applies to housing financed by certain kinds of loans as well as housing providers who participate in federal housing programs. (View complete law at

Please carefully review these orders and laws before you move forward with any litigation activity regarding my tenancy. Also, realize that the law forbids landlords from conducting “self-help” evictions. This includes forbidding landlords from changing locks, cutting off utilities, or using threats and other means to force tenants out of the premises.

Thank you for your understanding during this crisis. I am willing to negotiate with you regarding my rent to develop a payment plan in the future. Please monitor any programs available to landlords to assist you with carrying costs for the premises. Likewise, I am monitoring the programs available to assist renters and I will give you updates as I get them.

Working together peacefully, we will all get through this crisis. I ask for your grace, patience, communication, and understanding during these trying times.