Top Bar — Vietnamese

    • Thông dịch viên đã cung cấp.
    • Tất cả các thông tin liên lạc được bảo mật.
    • Dịch vụ là miễn phí.

Top Bar — Farsi

    • مترجمان ارائه شده است
    • همه ارتباطات محرمانه هستند.
    • خدمات رایگان هستند.

Top Bar — Arabic

    • المترجمون المقدمة.
    • جميع الاتصالات سرية.
    • الخدمات مجانية.

Top Bar — Bosnian

    • Prevodioci su obezbjedjeni.
    • Razgovori se drze u tajnosti.
    • Sve nase usluge su besplatne.

Top Bar — Spanish

    • Intérpretes disponible.
    • Todas las comunicaciones son confidenciales.
    • Los servicios son gratuitos.
  • Interpreters provided.
  • All communications are confidential.
  • Services are Free.

What We Do

We assist children, families and pregnant women who are eligible for Missouri’s Medicaid (MO HealthNet) programs. We advocate on your behalf when you are facing problems with your managed care plan.

We Can Help You…

  • If you applied and were denied coverage in any of the family MO HealthNet programs
  • If your coverage stopped and you think there was a mistake with the Family Support Division (FSD)
  • Find a doctor, dentist, specialist, therapist or psychologist in your health plan, when your efforts have failed
  • When you are unable to fill a prescription or your health plan isn’t approving the testing procedures your doctor recommends
  • When you need to file an appeal with your managed care plan or request a State Fair Hearing
  • When you have trouble changing your managed care plan
  • When you need to find transportation to medical, dental, or mental health appointments

Counties We Serve

Adair; Clark; Franklin; Jefferson; Knox; Lewis; Lincoln; Macon; Marion; Monroe; Montgomery; Pike; Ralls; St. Charles; St. Louis County; St. Louis City; Schuyler; Scotland; Shelby; Warren and Washington.

Contact Us At:

800.444.0514 ext 1251



Lucas Caldwell-McMillan, Managing Attorney

Jennifer Agles, Paralegal
MaryAnne Banks, Healthcare Advocate
Tiajuana Henderson, Healthcare Advocate
Missy Waldman, Healthcare Advocate


Other Helpful Resources

  • Click here to locate a federally-qualified health center that serves low-income clients that lack health insurance.
  • Click here to learn more about the Medicaid Program and print out a Medicaid application.
  • Click here to learn more about the Food Stamp Program, screen yourself for eligibility and print out a Food Stamp application.
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